Feel uncomfortable
talking to your kids about
sexual abuse

You can do it!

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We equip parents to protect kids from sexual abuse.

Because it's not a stranger. It's someone you know.

Because talking to your kids about sexual abuse doesn’t have to be awkward.

Start the conversation with your child today!

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At Rise and Shine Movement, we know no one wants to think about sexual abuse prevention, let alone talk to their kids about it. It’s a delicate subject. You should feel confident you’ve done everything you can to protect those who matter to you most. Because talking about sexual abuse is easier than you think. Start the conversation with your child today!

WATCH 4 Tips to Protect Your Kids

WEAVE these simple relationship building actions steps into the fabric of your family. Be confident you are doing all you can to protect your kids from sexual abuse.

READ/WATCH and discuss

READ/WATCH and discuss Ana’s Song or Bobby Gilliam, Brave and Strong with your son or daughter. Because talking about an uncomfortable subject doesn’t have to be difficult. And children learn best through story.

TALK about it!

SHARE what you learned about childhood sexual abuse prevention with family, teachers, babysitters, coaches, neighbors, and friends. Know you’ve done all you can do to protect your children and their friends. Increase the communication, decrease the risk.

Debe sentirse seguro
de haber hecho todo lo posible para proteger
a sus hijos del abuso sexual.

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Your presentation has generated over 100 comments on our Facebook page—all of them being nothing but positive, reflective, and inspirational.
~Victoria Stewart, MOPS Coordinator, Sewell, NJ

Carolyn has a way of drawing her audience in and putting them at ease with this difficult subject.
~Marlene Derstine,
Family Resource Coordinator, BuxMont Bridge of Hope

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We are still here, still offering our prevention tips twenty-four seven. We know they work. Parents have shared their stories with us. They spoke their children about sexual abuse. Their children told. 

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