Because you don't have to fly Carolyn to your presentation to learn how to protect your kids.

Considering a virtual presentation? This is what you need:

  • Choose a location where you can hardwire into the internet
  • Computer
  • Projector/depending on group size
  • A wall or screen for projecting
  • Sound system or speakers from computer depending on your needs/group size
  • Zoom or Google account

All of our virtual presentations have run smoothly, and we want your meeting to go off without a hitch. Should there be any interruptions in the internet service, we offer a backup plan, which includes a DVD copy of Carolyn’s presentation and a phone option for Q&A.


It’s been months and your message is still being talked about. ~Canyon View MOPS, Skype presentation


For other questions, information on virtual fees, or to schedule a presentation with Carolyn, please email: [email protected]